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Claudia C.

My husband and I purchased an over the range microwave which required us to upgrade our electrical panel from 100 amps to 200 amps. We both work full time and we have four young children. Therefore, we have very limited time during the week to get things done.
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Keith M.

These guys are great. They added an outlet behind a TV, fixed a smart switch issue, and rewired a whole gang box.
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David C.

The work included installing a bathroom light/fan combo, installing a ceiling fan…
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Rod K.

Great company. Very quick to respond. Needed a 240V 14-50 outlet for an EV charger in the garage as well as sub-panel upgrade.
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Sean L.

Henry was the lowest price we found compared (roughly $50-100/plug more for other contractors, also upgrading our panel was half as much as some other…
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Steve L.

Henry Acosta is always responsive to our calls and in fact this…
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Calvin B.

All I wanted was a dedicated 110 outlet outdoor and next to my garage….
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Jason B.

He did an awesome job. Just recently in our new home, he installed a NEMA 14-50 outlet in our garage to charge our Tesla.

Kathy S.

Henry and his crew are responsive, professional and very detail oriented. They installed a…
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Janette V.

These guys were great! They came out quickly and completed the job within hours. I highly recommend California Power and Light.

Greg B.

The work is top notch and they know how to work with both the city and PG&E….which can be really tough.

Gail J.

I am so happy to have found California Power and Light! I wasted at least two months looking for someone to repair/replace a bathroom fan.

Craig M.

Henry and his technicians have been a great help solving some wiring issues with our home as well as installing new Ring security cameras and some outdoor lighting.

Diana B.

These guys are absolutely amazing. They made an initial visit to assess the problem and then squeezed us in to find and do the repair.
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Brett B.

We had an absolutely awesome experience with Henry and his crew. They replaced our electric panel, and installed several can lights.
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Vinith M.

We were having a number of electrical…
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Sehun K.

From making a schedule to final repair, the whole process was very quick and efficient. Thank you!!
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I A.

Did a good job and was very neat. Cleaned up after them selves too. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an electrician.
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John K.

Henry is quick, responsive, and reliable. He installed a new electrical panel in my home to support a new solar energy system. He arrived on time and completed the work with the highest level of quality. I could not be more satisfied. I’m turning to California Power & Light for all of my future home electrical needs.

Ken R.

Henry and Doug installed the new charging system for our new Nissan Leaf. He was exactly on time, on budget, performed a clean installation and cleaned up after themselves. Henry also advised us on changes we may want to make to our electric panel safer and gave us a reasonable estimate. Besides all that they were both personable and friendly. What more could I ask? Thanks for the fine work!

ArJay S.

Henry was great. Our newly installed electrical panel, by another electrician, had failed, leaving us without power last night. I called Henry this morning based on the yelp reviews. He was at our house in the Santa Cruz Mountains by 10, charging a reasonable travel fee to come to our house. He figured it was the PG&E side, and he was correct. Quick, professional, and priced well. Thanks!

Lana P

Had a problem with a breaker that burnt out due to loose wiring, Henry came out within half an hour and identified the problem right away. He got a replacement very quickly and the work was finished in no time at all. Henry worked quickly and was very friendly.

Valerie N.

Henry and his crew are knowledgeable, friendly, and did a great job for us during a recent kitchen remodel. Prices are fair and they got the work done right away. Henry also makes good on his promises. Highly recommended.

Julia P.

Henry is awesome! We had him re wire our house. He installed ceiling lights outlets in the kitchen and a new electrical panel. The ceiling lights were awesome because at the time we weren’t going to install ceiling fans but later on we decided to. Henry thought ahead and installed the correct mounts so we could do the fan ourselves. He is very nice and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend him!!

Jeremy H

I needed an electrician to install a new outlet to charge my electric car. Found California Power & Light here and gave them a call. Henry came out to give me a quote and was very knowledgable and a really nice guy I know would be easy to work with. He gave me a fair price and was able to do the work in a timely fashion. I’ll definitely be calling them back whenever I need electrical work done in the future.

Stuart B.

Had an issue with the Fridge and AC Blower not working. Henry was able to come out right away replace the burnt out breakers and all fixed within about 20 minutes after arrival. I’m definitely going to keep this number for future issues/projects.

Julie C.

We were looking for a licensed electrician for some household repairs. Went with the Yelp recommendations and had great success! Henry was Fast, Friendly, Clean and Reasonable! We found a new Electrician!

Larry W.

Henry and the team were outstanding. They delivered timely service On a moments notice. Henry was obviously very experienced and able to fix my problem with ease. The second time he worked on a project was an addition to the house where he helped me design the lighting and fans. He had a great eye for the design work and the result was amazing. Overall an exceptional experience and I’ve recommended Henry to several others already.

David U.

Henry and Doug at California Power & Light in Redwood City, Ca are the absolute best, I am a repeat customer and continue to love CP&L more with each service call, having never been disappointed. The guys are technically competent and provide fantastic customer service, at great competitive prices. I wouldn’t think of using another contractor for my electrical service needs.

Philip M

I needed an electrician to install a couple of 220 outlets in my garage, one to supply power to a large piece of woodworking machinery, the other to provide faster charging for my electric car. I found out about California Power & Light through Yelp. I called them on Monday morning and spoke with Henry. I described what I needed and he agreed to come out and look at the job on Tuesday morning. He arrived on time, determined the amperage requirements for the 2 circuits and the types of outlets needed, verified that the existing sub-panel and the breaker at the main panel could accommodate the added loads, recommended where the plugs should be located to yield a clean, simple installation, and we agreed on a price. Henry left to pick up all the required parts and came back 2 hours later with a helper. They worked quickly and efficiently. 2 hours later the job was done. While this was a small job, I am certain that Henry could also handle major residential electrical jobs with equal ease.

Nora R

We met Henry through our contractor when we remodeled our house. He is a great electrician and was very helpful in explaining confusing things like automatic on/off required by Title 24 (what a pain!) and how 3-way light switches work. He did quite a number of jobs here, from installing canned lighting (gorgeous and wonderful) re-wiring the house, installing a new circuit box, putting dimmers on almost all my switches (do yourself a favor and have dimmers put in on your lights, you save electricity and it is really pretty at night) installing bathroom vanity lights and a lot more that I can’t recall. We have already called him back to do other stuff and he is always responsive and gets here pronto when we need him. He has an able assistant in Doug and I could not be happier with their work. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Kirk B.

Only reason we knew about California Power & Light is that we needed a new Electrical Panel Box as we are upgrading our home with Solar Panels through Future Energy. Our old panel was 100 watts and was the same old panel since the house was built way back then and the same panel when we moved in 3 years ago! Our new Panel is now 200 watts with room to grow. Doug and Henry are friendly, knowledgeable and takes pride and quality back it up behind their work they do. Carefully making sure that there are no short cuts and that things are done beyond code. These guys take their work very serious and it’s very rare to see a company or even a person do things right the first time. Let me put this way, they arrived promptly at 8AM began the tear down and removed as much stucco to get the new Panel Box in! (my two year old slept thru all the pounding and wall demo I kid you not and was even smiling in her sleep). By 1:30PM the panel was up and lines and switches were all installed. Henry left to check up on another job, Doug went to finish somethings in the crawl space, SJ Inspector arrived between 1:30-2PM gave the go ahead and was off to another site. 2:30PM PGE arrived to make the final inspection cycled the power to house and I had power by 3:00PM! They clean up after each job and it showed! Henry was also quick and friendly to point where some areas were not up to code (previous owner ran some lighting to side of the house and the box was not waterproof and one of the other pointers was not even related to electrical! it was plumbing!) Stucco?? Man this guy even has a connection to that as well. Lopez Lath Plaster, CA Lic 228218. Raul dropped by later in the week stucco’d and patch all the open areas and off he went. Doesn’t paint match but again we will be painting our house. They can answer all your questions, give tips on energy saving, and if you are one of those DIY’ers they can advise you on how to do things the right way! If you want quality, knowledgeable expertise work, care, passion and pride go call these guys! Cause my other projects around our new home will definitely involve them. Which reminds me I need to call them to remove the house side lights and possibly a full replacement that is done correctly and not a cheap DYI’er like the last owner!!! Did I mention they are Diamond Certified? If you are a homeowner and look at that kind type of stuff then you know the work and the commitment that both companies strive for. It’s been a full a month now since the installation and nothing has gone wrong. My Solar is now up and running!!! Thanks guys!!! Banglos Ohana!

Erik V.

We have called upon California Power and Light (CPL) several times to do work at our home in Morgan Hill. Henry was on-time, efficient, and offered great service at a reasonable price. He gave us other ideas of how best to light our patio and backyard areas which was very helpful. The guys at CPL are 100% professional and we really appreciated working with us on making a time work. We will use them again would recommend them without hesitation.

Nancy R.

I have hired Henry and Doug for small lighting installations to large new construction wiring to rewiring a fifty-year-old rental home. They have become my go-to resource because they deliver prompt, high-quality work, and are friendly, professional, avid planners/communicators/project managers … and domain experts. They connect all the dots, and the city/county inspection resources, to get the job done in the shortest amount of time with zero “gotchas”. If you need electrical work done for your home or business … Look to CPL!

B C.

If you appreciate high-quality work, attention to detail and a commitment to resolve your issues completely, I would highly recommend Henry and Doug from CPL. Of the several 4/5 star-rated electricians on Yelp in our area, Henry not only was the only one that answered when I called, he also arranged the appointment, showed up on time and finished the work before I even heard back from anyone else. Could not be more satisfied and guys like this deserve to be singled out. Five stars!

Mike N.

I had my electric panel replaced due to being overloaded and no room for expansion. Henry installed a new panel for me and added 4 new circuits to offload an overloaded breaker. I was so happy with his work, I had him install can lights in my bedroom and kitchen. He always left my house clean safe. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him again.

Henry A.

Impressive service – You really did the right service in my electrical problems in my house, Thank you to all staff you sent in me.
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Brandon Garner

Truly great customer service and they are highly recommended.
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Henry A.

California Power and Light – Nice job
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Kristin B.

Henry and his team from California Power and LIght did an excellent job. We recently bought a house that was built in 1950. Henry very thoroughly explained the worked that needed to be done and did a great job sticking to our budget and our timeline. He was very professional and easy to work with to get the projects done to make our home safe and updated.

Welton Hong

They installed my celling fan and their service is amazing!
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Hoai T.

After sorting through two other license electricians we got this outfit to do a major electrical job at our home based based on personal reference. They have done work for both commercial and residence. This outfit is the best of the best. Prompt service. Professional work. Reasonable price. Friendly. Outline the works to be done in a clear and concise manner. Work done in compliance with codes and regulations.

Jared H.

Henry was professional and courteous. We appreciated the fact that he wanted to do everything by the book. No cutting corners. Price was a little high, but close to others. Definitely calling Henry again for any other needs. Thanks

Walton J.

They did not disappoint me. The recess lights looked amazing in brighting the rooms.
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