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Our Mission

Family owned since 1996, California Power & Light is a full service electrical contracting company serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in Santa Clara.

We provide full capability electrical contracting for new construction, renovations, tenant improvements, service upgrades, exterior, interior and landscape lighting, retrofits and service installations.

Expert Electrical Contractor Serving Santa Clara County

Don’t let a power outage or faulty wiring leave you in the dark! A CPL electrician is standing by to help you fix your problems. Whether your home’s power is out or your business needs to upgrade it’s’ electrical panel, we can help. Count on our electrical contractor in San Jose, California, for 24/7 emergency electrical service and troubleshooting.

Avoid Another Blowout

One of the tell tale signs your panel needs an upgrade is when your lights flicker when you turn something on. Another sign is when the breaker is always shorting out. If there is not enough power to support your electrical system, you need an upgrade. A CPL electrician can upgrade your fuses and breaker to increase its power capacity, as well as the number of switches it has. Adding onto your home? Let us revamp your breaker to handle your power requirements.

Pinpointing the Problem

A CPL electrician troubleshoots any number of problems that your home or business is experiencing with its wiring, panels, plugs, and switches. As the problem can sometimes be unpredictable, it may take anywhere from minutes to hours, but we promise that we’ll find the issue and fix it.

Electrical Wiring

As professionals, we would never recommend attempting to fix your own electrical problems. We have seen the smartest of people electrocute themselves after messing with a tangle of wires. Trust our electrical contractor next time a situation occurs. Our electrical contractor can completely rewire your building inside and out or install any new equipment, including spas, Jacuzzis™, and dryers. In business since 1990, our electricians are veterans in the electrical industry and can handle all of your home’s wiring needs. From design to finish, our experienced estimators, project managers and technicians provide the expertise to ensure your electrical project is completed on time, on budget and up to code.

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